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  • Catch Up, Recording, Surgery and Festivals!!

    Beautiful lovers of the Americana Soul & Rock Roots sound gather round gather round!

    It has been some time since our last communique so we thought it only right to update y’all with news about what’s been what since then and our plans for the year ahead.

    We played a bunch more shows in the run up to 2016 including a trip back down to Edinburgh, an unforgettable jaunt to the beautiful Isle of Lewis for a show in Stornoway. The guys who set this one up are Dunky Smythe & Robert Smith aka Drunken Promotions. We really can’t express our love for these guys enough, the welcome we received the second we got off the boat was akin to seeing long lost family after a long time away from home! We can’t wait to get back up there!

    Christmas Eve came and went with a show at Dukes Corner, the Dundee crowd were in fine voice, each & every one of them could’ve given Shane MacGowan a run for his money…..

    We saw out 2015 with a roof raising set at the Twa Tams in our home town of Perth, the bells accompanied with songs, raised glasses & the promise of the new year as always a cocktail for a great show!

    With the expected downtime of January looming we decided to get some of the groundwork underway for our second album, yeah yeah we know, it’s about time right?!

    The venue for the new project? Castle of Doom Studios in Glasgow’s West End, and the pilot? Tony Doogan

    We are loving working with Tony and spending time crafting these new songs is really paying off, really lookin forward to getting it out there for general consumption!

    Meanwhile though we are having a bit of a forced sabbatical, Donny is off to have some extensive surgery on his foot, it’s a long story which he’ll happily bore anyone with who cares to listen. This means he’ll be recuperating for several weeks, on the plus side at least he’ll be able to get some of that much needed practice in on the guitar!

    Looking ahead to the summer we are dancing a jig (all except you know who) to be heading down to Suffolk for this year’s Maverick Festival early in July, then two weeks later we’ll be heading back up our own beautiful West Coast for the Tiree Festival. There are others in the book but we are sworn to secrecy at this point. Needless to say keep your smartphones handy, your eye’s on the skies and your ears to the neighbour’s wall for any news.

    Wishing you all a bright & beautiful music filled day!

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    Stornoway Gazette

    Island music fans may remember The New Madrids from Loopallu in September, but if you didn’t catch them, don’t miss their Stornoway gig. American roots and soul are at the heart of this bands’ sound with a hefty slice of rock n roll and blues on the side. This Perthshire hailing five-piece includes vocalists Donny McElligott and Ian Hutchison, drummer Maurice ‘Mo’ McPherson, Owen ‘Scaryophonic’ Nicholson on strings and Callum Keith, bass player extraordinaire.

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    Drawing from the irresistible Stones countrified swagger and such catholic roots influences as The Band, Byrds and later bands like Whiskeytown and Drive-by Truckers gives the New Madrids their musical seasoning. This five piece have a bedrock rhythm section topped with guitars, keyboards, mandolin and pedal steel before adding additional guest textures that include brass, violin and guest vocals; one of which, recorded in Austin, is Brennen Leigh.

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    With The New Madrids’ debut CD Through The Heart Of Town already causing critics and reviewers to sit up, take note and even tap a tastefully-tooled cowboy boot, it was with some anticipation that Aberdeen punters turned out for the Blue Lamp show. Although numbers could and should have been higher, those who did attend were treated to nearly two hours of stunning Americana, filtered through the consciousness of five wonderfully-talented men of Perth and Perthshire.

    With dual vocalists Donny McElligott and Ian Hutchison alternating at the main vocal mic and a scorching virtuoso performance on Telecaster, lap steel and pedal steel by Owen Nicholson, this was as good a performance as the Lampie audience has witnessed for as long as I can remember.

    Basing their set around the album, playing all ten tracks, the Madrids mixed up country, rock, soul and blues, tearing down, as the late Michael Marra said, “those foolish walls” in defiance of the genre cops and proving that where these forms meet and meld is a glorious sonic crossroads.

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